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Bananas 360

What makes Bananas 360 Different?

We offer an electric booth. Thi s means you get a full, quality video in one go,
ins tead of multiple spins . We do not need acces s to electricity! Thi s means no
uns ightly cords , and the booth can be jus t about anywhere. We will work with
your decorator to provide you with the perfect spot, backdrop if reques ted.

Unlock the Ultimate 360 Experience

We offer multiple video effect s and have the ability for you to have multiple songs . We offer instant sharing to ALL devices , not just iPhones . We are the only company that offers a one hour option. We often get asked how many people our booth can hold. It i s hard to answer. But we will say, we have had 8 men on at once and our booth can hold over 2,000 pounds of weight.

Elevate Your Event with Stunning Photo Booth Walls

Transform any space into a captivating backdrop with our range of custom-designed photo booth walls. We offer a diverse selection to suit every occasion. Elevate the ambiance of your event and create unforgettable memories against these stunning backdrops. Explore our collection and book your photo booth experience today!

Black Shimmer Wall - $350
Silver Shimmer Wall - $350
Flower backdrop - $350
Gold Shimmer Wall - $350

360 Booth Pricing

The price includes :

Selfie Booth

$450/ Event